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November, 2012


On Mindfulness:

Laura Jones has offered this video on YouTube. The quality is not the best at times - I think someone was running a washing machine or something. But, the message resonates with our interest at LBHC to change the narrative toward embracing health and wellness.





April 2, 2012


Nursing Program, Karolinska Institutet - NVS:Medical Ethics "double-feature" - Christine Mitchell, Assoc. Director of the Harvard Division on Ethics spoke on Aging Patients and Caring Nurses: Ethical Concerns.


After the talk, a reception was held for Christine and Friends and Novum to discuss Ethics and Views from Across the Pond.




Christine is the Director of Medical Ethics, Children's Hospital of Boston and Associate Director, Harvard Division on Ethics.


March, 2012


Paul Kelly, a medical graphics creator in Toronto, Canada, has produced this excellent animation on sports concussive injury:




January, 2012

Check out this animated strip on promoting health:






Have you tried Mindfulness Meditation to Control Pain?

Read here.





Drs Grimes and Ungerstedt-Grimes attended the "High Technology for International Cooperation" in Stockholm, October 25.






Interested in an emotional shift!


  • Try Pepfly by energyInside


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May 5, 2011 Kl 14:00


Aaron Nelson, PhD ABPP:

"Neuropsychology of Sports-Related Concussion: The Hits Just Keep Coming"


At Linnéuniversitet

Sponsored by the Department of Psychology, Pedagogy and Sports Sciences, Linnéuniversitet, Växjö Kampus






May 9, 2011 Kl 14:00


Aaron Nelson, PhD ABPP:" Neuropsychology of Sports-Related Concussion: The Hits Just Keep Coming"


Danderyd Sjukhus Aula, Sponsored by Swedish Neuropsychological Society and Karolinska Institutet, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society

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Our goals:


  • to use innovative ways to bring the best of psychology and neuroscience to promote your health and wellness


  • provide highly competent, office-based and online consultation and coaching services


  • engage you in self-discovery and enhance your opportunities for successful, healthy living




Knowledge is available from the wealth of expertise around us but Self-Knowledge is key.


Aim for Positive Health


Develop Piloting Skills to take the right steps to health.


The Pilot has belief-in-possibility, but must ask three questions (adapted from Hyde Schools):


Who Am I?


Where do I Need to Get to?


How Do I Get There


We are creatures of narrative, of stories that are inexact.  Fortunately, change is possible. It takes hold with committment.



When we commit we change the course of our narrative.



Many of our positive choices toward health in life - including some life-saving choices - come not out of a formidable battle, in which our health-promoting desire and motivation "win" over poor life choices; rather, we often find that small steps with relatively little effort make the difference.


Repeated, these become habits...Habits.


News :



What does this supercomputer have to do with brain research? Read about the tour of the PDC facility at the Royal Institute of Technology. more







Free video course on Autism and Related Disorders, from the Child Study Center at Yale University.






Science Writing English Editing

English corrections on articles in neuroscience More

Group Workshop

Tba, 2012 - We are forming a 6 week Intensive Workshop on Personal Health - Wellness, to be held on Lidingö

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