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Wednesday Evenings, 2012

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Lidingö Behavioral Health Consulting and Coaching



LBHC is set on a foundation of scientific understanding of brain and behavior to be the enrichment coaching center for health and wellness, as well as personal development.


Its mission is to create opportunities for people to experience enrichment as learning that promotes health and wellness, and to bring to this education knowledge gained from psychology and neuroscience that inform us about our mind and body.


LBCH's strategy:

  • office consultation and coaching
  • Team and group coaching sessions
  • on-line "distance coaching"
  • create in-class, as well as "real world" learning moments
  • offer team/group seminars and workshops on health and wellness
  • develop your enrichment quotient
  • link with information sources about brain and behavior



Following an assessment and survey of interests and goals, coaches individualize the learning program and help individuals to identify measurable indicators of improvement and change. This is client-centered, and the helpful mechanisms are used by the client for self-monitoring. The main thrust is to learn how we "pilot" ourselves, through whatever life has brought. We learn to be effective and commit to actions that promote health and wellness.


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